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Create Worlds.

PHPizabi is one of the most powerful social networking platforms on the planet. With literally thousands of websites powered by PHPizabi including everything from simple friends sites to the most complex networking super sites out there. Easy to install, use, and raising the bar on what it is to provide a reliable, fast, social networking package to raise your business to the next level.

Lightning Fast

Under 0.001th of a second is the average processing time needed to parse, and output, a page with PHPizabi V2. The PHPizabi core structure is faster than ever, and can support more simultaneous users then ever on comparable hardware.

Open Source

With absolutely no encrypted source in the code; adding, deleting, and modifying the PHPizabi core is now easier then ever. Unlike our previous version, you can literally take and change every aspect of the PHPizabi core to suit your needs. Transforming beauty into wonder was never so simple!


PHPizabi V2 has been built to last. Strong, safe, with 3 combined administrative security layers, and internal structure management, coupled with bruteforce protection, PHPizabi is your sure choice in keeping your information secure.

State of the art

The evolution of PHPizabi V2 has aloud for key updates in the cleanly coded, well thought out internal structure, bring your site into todays market to help you stay competitive now and in the future.


With the needs of one website being completely different from others, PHPizabi has been built with modifications in mind. Keeping your site as unique as your community, PHPizabi allows you to choose on what to offer, and with a wide variety of possibilities, you can add new features in seconds on this new core.


Intuitive navigation, coupled with modern terminology and design practices, allows your users to quickly dive in. Our new navigation system ensures that each end user has the information they require in order to make the best decisions, and also contribute to your site quickly, easily, and accurately.